Tuesday & Wednesday Morning Ladies League

All ladies are welcome to join the Llyndinshire’s morning ladies’ league. Whether you want to socialize and make new friends, enjoy a good game of golf, or just take in the natural surroundings, you’ll appreciate playing golf in this non-competitive environment.

On Tuesdays, you have the choice of playing either 9 or 18 holes, and on Wednesdays playing 9 holes. Non-members will receive a $4 discount off the regular 18-hole rate and $3 off the 9-hole rate. To add to the fun, we offer different golf-related games each week, preferred rates on powercarts, as well as a banquet lunch.

On Tuesday, April 25th at 9:00am, we will be hosting a “Meet and Greet”, where you can socialize with old friends and make some new ones. To help with the latter, we will be taking photos to create a reference catalog of those in the league. This way, you can check the catalog if you ever need to put a name to a face. While your participation with these photos is encouraged, it is optional.

Golf will begin on May 2nd. We will contact you via email regarding tee-times. The fee for joining the league is $32 plus tax. This includes the welcome reception, prizes and banquet lunch on September 12th.

We look forward to another fantastic Ladies’ League at Llyndinshire!

A ladies Tuesday/Wednesday morning league member on the golf course. For more information about joining Llyndinshire’s Tuesday Ladies League, contact the Pro Shop at
519-659-5087 or email us at leagues@llyndinshire.com.

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What Golf has Taught me:
My First Year in a Women’s Golf League

Each year I would say to myself “this year I am going to golf”. Each year at the end of the season, I would look at my clubs in the garage and say “next year”. This had been going on 5 years. Reasons: No time, too busy, can’t commit to a scheduled event...too scared.

In the spring of this year, my wonderfully unrelenting neighbor and friend asked me once again “would you like to join my Women’s Golf League?” This year the difference was that I said “yes”. The only thing I had to do was set aside Monday nights (sounds easier than it is) and show up...

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